Why Propane?

Propane as a home fuel source.

Propane - Making the Smart Choice

There may be several reasons why homeonwers may elect to use propane, and each is as good as the next - propane has long been a clean, reliable and safe source of energy. Its value has become especially pronounced with the rising costs of traditional utility fuel sources. Plus, propane is simply indispensible when traditional gas service is not available, such as in remote areas, or areas pending development.

The Fluctuating Cost of Energy

It is no secret that over recent years, practically all forms of fuel have seen increases in price, some very dramatic and most constant. Granted, propane is produced from natural gas and crude oil, and its prices are naturally linked to the two. Overall, however, it can represent an intrinsic value that saves the homeowner in the long run.

Clean & Efficient

As a fuel, propane is cleaner than most other options, and thus better for the environment. It is so much cleaner that some experts cite it above all other fuels for heating, cooking, furnaces and the like. The Clean Air Act Amendment, circa 1990, cited propane specifically for this characteristic.

Utilizing propane can also feed the economy, since it is produced in America. And, from a convenience standpoint, no other home and building fuel can be as portable as propane, which can be anywhere that its tank can be... it is not restricted by dedicated lines and utility piping.

Think Smart, Think Propane

Please contact B&J Welding Supply to discuss propane's many virtues and the cost savings possible in almost any type of application. You'll be glad you did.

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B&J Welding Supply LTD, established in 1977, provides gasses, equipment, tools & accessories to the welding, industrial & medical sectors of West Texas and neighboring communities. We also provide propane for all types of residential & commercial applications.

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