EZ Plasma

This 4′ X 4′ plasma CNC cutting system is capable of cutting everything the larger machines do with the exception of sheet size.  The maximum material thickness the machine can cut depends on the size of plasma cutting unit you decide to go with, depending on the application.
  • Extremely durable 100% welded quality steel construction
  • All steel and aluminum is made in the US
  • 100% identical to our larger machines just a smaller build
  • Sacrifice space but not performance
  • Available with several cutting options
  • User-friendly operation interface
  • Dual motor driven Y axis
  • Powerful 906oz/in stepper motors for plenty of cutting force on the X & Y axis
  • Computer Control System (Flat Screen Monitor, Keyboard, and Laser Mouse Included).
  • Standard LPT printer port direct connection
  • Protective E-Chain for all cables, hoses, lines, etc.
  • Machine is fully assembled, ready to cut*
This plasma CNC machine comes standard with Vectric’s Cut2D drawing software, SheetCAM toolpathing software, and Mach3 controller software.