Propylene, The Innovative Fuel. One cylinder of propylene does the work of five acetylene cylinders! Propylene is a dominant fuel gas used in the U.S. metal working market. It is the most efficient fuel being used for cutting, heating, gouging, brazing, flame hardening and metalizing. Propylene is 20 times more stable than acetylene and has a much lower tendecy to flashback. Increase your cutting speed, reduce cylinder handling, and work safer. Which all saves you money. To find out more about propylene contact B&J Welding Supply today. Click on the link to learn more B J WS PROPYLENE BROCHURE Why use propylene?
  • Slag free cuts
  • faster preheat
  • reduced flashback
  • less handling
  • more productive cutting speeds
  • costs less than acetylene
  • Increased safety
  • Increased production
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