Industrial Gas

Industrial Gases are B&J’s bread and butter. Oxygen, Acetylene, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, and Helium are the gases that put us on the map and still today are a strong hold for our company. There are too many industries to count that use these gases. From weekend warriors working in their garage to major heavy industrial companies that build the infrastructure of our country, B&J Welding Supply is there to service every need. Our cylinder facility in Lubbock will fill Oxygen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen and Helium. We will also blend our own industrial welding mixes making it easy to make B&J Welding Supply a “one stop shop” for all of you welding needs. Our blended gases meet IWDC standards for accuracy.   featuredproduct1


We will soon be able to fill industrial propylene as a fuel gas along with our acetylene offering. Propylene is safer, more stable, and more efficient. Propylene also produces a cleaner cut, and will save you money over any other alternatives.   B J WS PROPYLENE BROCHURE    


Helium gas has been used in a number of fashions in the past and still today regarded as a vital gas in many industries, from governmental experimentation to analytical carrier gas. Helium is also a favorite for balloons at restaurants, doctors offices, and birthday parties. For those looking for helium to use at an event, B&J has a unique solution that allows someone without an account to take a cylinder and balloon filler for a weekend. Just pay for the contents of the cylinder and a small deposit for the cylinder and the balloon filler which is returned when the equipment is returned. No account setup, no terms, no hassle. We have multiple sizes and can help you chose how much gas you will need.


At B&J, we also service the food and beverage industry with Carbon Dioxide (CO2). C02 is in virtually every restaurant and bar in the United States. It takes a supplier that pays close attention to detail and is able to make timely deliveries as well as last minute “hotshot” deliveries to service these customers. The last thing you want as a restaurant manager or customer is for the CO2 system to be down and not able to enjoy your favorite beverage. B&J has the ideal structure for these needs in that we are small enough to concern ourselves with the smallest of customers but have the manpower to handle any demand.   Come in to one of our locations or give us a call today to find out more about these products and how we can help you.